Care of Gemstone Jewelry

Care of Gemstone Jewelry

Even the best semi-precious stones lose their shine over time.

Jewelry is one of our most cherished accessories. Its eye-catching and has the power to lift any outfit from black to the stars. Even the most durable jewelry needs tender loving care to keep its shine at the max.

Handle With Care

Roll the bracelet on or off your wrist to prevent the eleatic to weaken and stretch.

Wear Responsibly

Remember the golden rule: last to put on and first to take off. Placing the jewelry on last will prevent these special stones from hairspray, makeup, perfume and other chemicals that might effect the semi-precious stones. Remove your gemstones before any strenuous activity, gardening, washing dishes and other types of household cleaning. This will help your beautiful pieces to stay chemically free.

Clean Smart

Jewelry lasts the best when cleaned regularly. To clean, wipe with a soft damp cloth and dry immediately.

Don’t Forget to Polish

Polishing jewelry can restore luster and shine. Jewelry should only be polished with a soft, lint free cloth or chamois. Even a tissue is liable to leave hairline scratches which will dull even the hardest of gems over time.